Spring Trouble

pollen pic.png

By Tom Carter

Well, Spring is here in force. I know this because I just washed a thick layer of yellowish green dust off my car… And of course, there is a ton of rain and pollen followed by the maladies that both bring. So I ask, how does this fit in to the idea of Spring being a vibrant and exciting time of growth and regeneration? Because, as you know, for many of us Spring means lots of time spent sick and recovering from being sick and trying to take care of others who are sick.

It can be very overwhelming right! But let’s back up a minute and think about this renewal thing again, because renewal is exactly what is causing all the trouble. The process of growth, whether we are talking about trees or flowers or people requires lots of resources. Trees need water, got that. The same trees and the flowers need to share pollen in order to start new trees and flowers. So. Really all the sickness and trouble are the result of the renewal and we are just caught in the crossfire between pollen and life.

So what is the point? The point is, renewal costs, it costs and affects not only the people or things directly involved, but many others around the periphery. Its easy to say let’s go all 2nd Corinthians 5:17 and leave the old behind and embrace new life, but in practice there is always an enormous cost. Often this cost is not realized by many because it is paid by someone else. Like the flowers, when one of us is in renewal it is often our friends and family that are paying the price (think allergies!) as we find a new direction.

Don’t get me wrong here, renewal is great, and often needed, but we must be mindful of the cost, especially to others. Because my friend there is always a cost and it is often an unexpected one.

So what is renewal costing you these days?

Tom welcomes your thoughts and responses in the comment section below.