A Deacon's Life

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By Henry Chriceol

One of my life's most meaningful occurrences, at least up to the present,

was the day our church ordained me as one of its deacons. It was the

culmination of a journey that had taken me through college, marriage and

fatherhood, a career with the Air Force. It continued as I retired from the

military and transitioned into post graduate study entering the field of

Radiography. In between all that, God had blessed Merilyn and me with

travel through many biblical locations, especially Paul's travels while we

lived in Turkey, and later, Greece.

God had guided us throughout that period of our life, even though, we

didn't always attend the base chapel on a regular basis or include God in

our daily lives. Both of us were Christians when we married, so I guess you

could say that while we did pull away from the Lord, we were never far

away. Returning to West Monroe and establishing a home here sent us

looking for a permanent church location. Ridge Avenue had been Merilyn's

childhood church, and we had been married there by Bro. Tom Mitchell, so

the decision was not very difficult.

We quickly became involved in just about everything that came along-which

was great training for the two of us--and soon we realized how

important God and our church family were to us, and we have tried very

hard to be good members of the Family of God.

Now, back to being a deacon at Ridge Avenue. If you understand the

underlying meaning in Acts 6 for the need to have deacons, then you

understand some of the duties deacons might have. We don't make policy,

we don't "run" the church, we prayerfully seek how we can support church

members and our pastor as well. What a joy that has been and continues to

be. Each deacon at our church wants to see a happy and fulfilled church


It is my hope that God will continue to use me at Ridge Avenue Baptist

Church, doing my best to follow His will and I thank Him for the blessings

He has given us.

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