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By Tom Carter

Luke 1:37

In the modern age of information and technology the idea of miracles being anything more than misunderstood natural phenomenon is often dismissed as wishful (or magical) thinking.

The opening narrative of the Bible describes the work of God in the creation of our world. Many folks wouldn’t include creation as a miracle, however it clearly is, considering creating something from nothing is naturally impossible.

In the eighties and nineties there were a lot of efforts to explain miracles by working through scenarios where natural occurrences and human ignorance could converge and present the perception of a miracle. Now, as a generation raised on the popular interpretation of science has come of age, no time is wasted on any such explanations. In fact, it is assumed that the miracles of the Bible are simply fantasies of the faith.

A miracle is currently defined as- “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Like any other disciplines scientific research is based on observing what is there and using this knowledge to understand what is likely there but not always observable. Repeatable experiments allow researchers to make new discoveries and often discover their hypothesis was wrong.

An experiment that is done correctly but yields an undesired result can be just as valuable as one that confirms the scientists’ assumptions. Simply put, an open-minded person can learn as much from failure as they can from success.

Back to those miracles. When I think of miracles, I prefer to think of miracles as that which science would prove totally impossible, absurd, and beyond any explanation, such as creation or the virgin birth. Why? Because if God cannot work beyond human understanding then what is the point?

So, when we read about the creation story in Genesis or of Jesus healing the blind man in the gospels, perhaps we should find comfort in the power of God to exceed our human abilities. And unlike science, which is based on human knowledge and always changing, God’s power and knowledge was as complete when He Created the birds as it is today.