What a Legacy!

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By Dr. Jim Wolfe, Senior Pastor

Beginning August 26th, I will start a new series of messages exploring the Gospel of Luke and thought I would share the following from the introduction of the first message.

  There have been many people who have had an impact upon my life, as I am sure there have been with you. 

 I remember the timeless advice of two influential men from my youth. When I played the trumpet in High School, my band director was Mr. Leburn Harris, a man who I consider a great teacher and mentor. Mr. Harris would often remind us, “Don’t tell me how good you are, show me!”  And later, when I was in the insurance business, I worked with a guy that was always bragging about himself and what he did.  He would always say of his sales presentation style, “If I don’t tell you how great I am, you won’t know it.”  When he said this, I would remember Mr. Harris’ wise statement. Because of Mr. Harris, I knew the real reason people did not know how great this guy was, was because he was not as good as he thought he was!  I believe Mr. Harris’ statement holds true, even today. So…

“Don’t tell me how good you are, show me!”

  I came to know another influential man during my first year of college. While taking classes, I worked part time stocking vending machines for a man named Louis Papas.  He was always encouraging me because he appreciated my work ethic (which I learned from my father).  On one occasion he gave me this bit of advice.  “Wherever you go, Jim, leave footprints.” He went on to explain – not so people will remember your name, but so they will remember you by your influence and presence. He said that in this way, “the lives you have touched will be better for having known you.”

  So, there are two wise statements from two men that have impacted my life: “Don’t tell me how good you are, show me!” …and, “Wherever you go, leave footprints.” 

For the Christian, our prayer ought to be, “God, grant that the world may be better for our having lived in it!”  So…are we leaving footprints?

  Ultimately, it does not matter what men say or write about us after we are gone.  What is important is what God says!

  There had been many great prophets and servants of God – Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel, Isaiah, Elijah, and the list goes on and on.  But at the death of John the Baptist, Jesus spoke this word of eulogy in Matthew 11:11: “Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a [man] greater than John the Baptist.”

  What a legacy!!!