What is Old?

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By Tom Carter, Associate Pastor

A new car sets on the lot, beautiful, flawless, and utterly reliable… we believe. The car is a brand and model with a good reputation and track record. But really, this car, the one you are actually buying, has had zero maintenance and is almost completely untested. Despite its unproven nature, most people would to trust it over the car they have driven for years, simply because it is new. Now granted the old car has been making a noise, a noise that is very scary! So, your old chariot has been relegated to the trade in lot because it is yesterday’s new, aka old. But why do we abandon it when we have trusted it to get us around for many years?

Really, experience, (and in the case of a car, maintenance) is what separates old from new. Yes, there are cool new gadgets, but you honestly didn't know that stuff even existed yesterday, before you went car shopping, so the new gadgets you didn’t know you needed are seldom really the issue. Often, the issue is trust. I trust the new untested car because it has never failed me, and I have turned in old faithful because millions of revolutions have finally worn out a bearing. Or the air conditioner is failing after running for thousands of hours.

So, what does this have to do with anything spiritual? Well, did you know that after the dealership fixes that "unfixable" problem on your old car they will sell it to someone else who will trust it completely because it has never failed, them, yet, see the irony?? But hey, new cars are nice, so we buy them!

Unlike your car, with its unavoidable need to be repaired or replaced as it wears out, God is always the same. He is unchanging, unaffected by time and contrary to common perception, is not old. God is eternal, existing outside of time. Exodus chapter 3 describes the interaction between Moses and God at the burning bush. When Moses received instructions, he asked by whose authority he should present himself. The Lord replied that Moses should say “I Am” sent me, indicating that Moses should introduce the one true God (Yaweh), who sent him as one who is in a constant, unchanging, state of being.

Perhaps we sing that His mercies are made new every morning because one of the hardest things to do is trust after a failure. Even though God Himself is always new and never fails, His existence during our failures makes that hard to believe for us. Unlike that old car, God is constantly making us new even though we are constantly breaking down. God knows people don't trust old things, good thing He never gets old!